Mission Discovery Singapore

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13th - 17th December, 2021

Enter planet Earth's most exciting STEM programme today

We can’t wait for you to join our team!

      👨🏻‍🚀 Learn from real life NASA astronauts

      🙌🏾 Take part in the most exciting challenge in the universe

      🤩 Make friends that will last a lifetime

      🚀 Book your seat today and get ready for lift off

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Where will Mission Discovery lead you...


National University of Singapore

Mission Discovery Singapore will be held at the state of the art National

University of Singapore (NUS), an incredible research facility that is consistently ranked as one of the world's top universities.

 Founded in 1905 as the Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States Government Medical School, NUS is the oldest higher education institution in Singapore.

Each day students will register at the University Cultural Centre, an incredible venue that will be Mission Discoveries base for the proceeding 5 days… We can’t wait to get started, see you there 🤗

Meet the Team

Scott Kelly
NASA Astronaut & ISS Commander

Dr. Steve Swanson
NASA Astronaut & ISS Commander

Tony Antonelli
Astronaut & Space Shuttle Pilot

Sarah Murray
NASA Leader

Chris Barber
ISSET & Mission Discovery Founder

Dr Julie Keeble
ISSET Chief Space Scientist

Prof. Steve Harridge
Professor at King's College London

Dr Hannah Wilson
ISSET Lead Space Scientist

Daniel Molland
ISSET Lead Space Scientist